Iraqi expert: calls for studying archaeological areas in Jordan to address water scarcity

Dr. Fawaz Al-Nish, a researcher in irrigation channels and methods at Mosul University, delivered a lecture at the Faculty of Archeology and Tourism at the University of Jordan, entitled "Assyrian Irrigation".

In his lecture, Dr. Al-Naysh called on the experts of agriculture and water resources to study the methods of irrigation and water harvesting in previous civilizations to address the water problem in Jordan. "The problem of water scarcity in Jordan can be addressed by studying irrigation projects in previous civilizations that have passed through the region or neighboring areas," he said. And modern technology in the study of methods of water conservation and environmental protection and preservation of water quality in ancient civilizations. During his lecture, Alnish also received a remarkable participation from students and faculty members in the faculty dealing with water problems and ways of addressing them in Assyrian civilization and the foundations of agricultural production, food security and sustainable development.​

School of Archaeology and Tourism

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