Administrative formations in the Faculty of Archeology and Tourism


​The President of the University of Jordan decides to approve the nomination of the deans of the faculties, "Deputies of Deans, Assistants of Representatives, Heads of Departments"

Faculty of Archeology and Tourism

Dr. Jihad Ali Al-Diri, Acting Head of the Archeology Department

Dr. Ruba Osama Seisah, Acting Head of the Department of Heritage Resources Management and Conservation, Ruba Seisah

Dr. Hussein M. Abu Alasal ., Acting Head of the Tourism Management Department, Hussein M. Abu Alasal

Dr. Mona Musa Al-Sulaihat, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Quality Muna Slaihat

The family of the Faculty of Archeology and Tourism congratulates the heads of departments and the assistants of the Dean

With all the best wishes for success