Invitation to participate in the organization of the exhibition and travelling to Germany.



In the framework of the program German-Arab Transformation Partnership, the German Aca­demic Exchange Service (DAAD) has recently approved a grant for the short-term measure “Cri­tical Perspectives on German, Austrian and Swiss Archaeolo­gical Research in Jordan, c. 1800 to the Present Day”.

One of the aims of the short-term measure is that Jordanian and German students jointly organ­ize a small exhibition on this topic. The grant includes funding for an eight-day trip to Germany (including stays at Kiel and Berlin) for 10 BA and MA students of the School of Archaeology and Tourism scheduled for the end of October 2020. The students will be accompanied by four faculty members, namely Dr. Mahmoud Arinat, Dr. Noor Okaily, Dr. Oliver Pilz and  Dr. Adnan Shiyyab.

Due to the Corona crisis, the trip to Germany is of course subject to the further development of the epidemiological situation and possible travel restrictions. 

The School of Archaeology and Tourism invites applications from both BA students (from the second year onward) and MA students of its three Departments who are interested in participating in the organization of the exhibition and travelling to Germany.


Applicants should submit:

  1.  a CV
  2.  a letter of motivation in English
  3.  as well as their official grade re­ports

by August 31, 2020 to the Deanship Secretary.


A committee of faculty members of the School chaired by the Dean will invite short-listed ap­plicants for interviews at the beginning of September 2020.

Criteria for the preselection are:

  •          academic excellence (average grade at least 3,0)
  •        kowledge of English
  •        personal motivation.

For the short-listed applicants, performance in the interview will be considered addition ­ally​​

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