Department of Cultural Resources Management and Conservation


The study began in the Department of Cultural Resources Management and Conservation, with the establishment of the Institute of Archaeology in the year 2009/2010. Our Department aims to provide Jordan with specialists in the field of conservation, restoration and management since our archaeological sites and museum objects are exposed to the processes of damage and threat due to natural and human factors. Section aims to rehabilitate students in the work of restoration, maintenance and management of archaeological sites and artifacts. The Department grants the bachelor's degree in cultural resources management and conservation, and depends on many disciplines in the university. Students study different topics, such as administration, chemistry, materials science, conservation of monuments in the field, maintenance of archaeological materials of organic and inorganic sources, architectural restoration and the environment, as well as documentation, analysis, planning and management of cultural resources. Section focuses on the use of modern information systems and applied basic tools to assist in providing and teaching this discipline to all students admitted to the department.

School of Archaeology and Tourism
Department of Cultural Resources Management and Conservation


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