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The Faculty of Archaeology and Tourism welcomes you to its website. This page presents information about the Faculty with its three different departments, the academic activities and publication of each staff member, related news, announcements, and upcoming events. Besides, recent activities of both the faculty members and students will be posted regularly. The Faculty of Archaeology and Tourism seeks to provide Jordan, the surrounding Arab countries, and abroad with qualified graduate in archaeology, tourism, and cultural resources management, capable of delivering efficient professional performances, and engaging in original research with the cooperation with the local and international institutions in the fields of archaeology, preservation and conservation of national heritage, and tourism activities. As a matter of fact, around two-thirds of those who hold Ph.D. in archaeology in Jordan were formerly our students. Excavations and surveys carried out by the Department of Archaeology during the last four decades in almost every region in Jordan . On the other hand, a great percentage of the archaeological sites in Jordan still hidden and comparatively undamaged, while the present rapid architectural and agricultural developments in almost every region in Jordan threaten to destroy our cultural heritage . Concerning this issue, His Majesty the Late King Hussein, in his speech for the start of the Parliament’s fourth regular session on the first of November 1986, gave a high priority to archaeological excavations, surveys, and registration in Jordan when he stated : "Continued attention extended to the tourism sector, numbering and maintenance of antiquities in the Kingdom. Internal tourism will continue to be encouraged". Hence, our Faculty hopefully will carry the above - mentioned honorable message locally and internationally with a lot of bride and will resume different academic efforts to shed light on the glory of our archaeological sites and national heritage. In fact, Jordan could be consider a museum by itself and where ever we dig we encounter something new which reflects the bright glory of our history. Welcome to the faculty once again, for further information don’t hesitate to contact us and for any comments or suggestions, please, forward to the e-mail :archaeology@ju.edu.jo

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