Bachelor of Archaeology / Program Overview


  About the program and its main themes

- The Department of Arch a eology offers bachelor and master's degrees in arch a eology from prehistoric times to the end of the Ottoman era, which helped to provide the Ministry of Tourism and A rch a eology and Tourism sectors with qualified cadres in arch a eology and to raise awareness of the importance of archeology. The College has currently two museums for arch a eolog y and folklore in two independent buildings, with laboratories for photography, painting, surveying, restoration and warehouses for the storage of archaeological and artifacts material culture  obtained through excavation projects and archaeological excavations carried out by the cadres of the College in many archaeological sites .


- Program Vision

- Pioneering and excellence in the field of archaeological studies and archaeological research and the provision of archaeological and tourist sectors and museums with qualified and trained cadres .

- Teaching theoretical knowledge about different time periods from prehistoric times to Islamic times in Jordan and the Arab world.

-D eepen ing students' concepts of modern archaeology and its relation to knowledge and related human and natural sciences.

- Training students in archaeological sites in the methods of surveying, excavation and archaeological documentation to ensure that they are provided with the basic field skills that will enable them to take a leading role in exploring the archaeology of Jordan.

- Working to deepen the practical knowledge of the students of the department through scientific trips to archaeological sites scattered in Jordan.

- Focus ing on activating the role of the laboratory of the Department of Archaeology to strengthen practical experience through the study of archaeological material discovered by the academic cadre of the department and graduate students.

- Establishment of a PhD program in Archaeology.


- Program message

The Department of Archaeology seeks to provide distinguished educational programs at the level of bachelor and master's degrees according to the latest international academic standards. The department also focuses on field training programs to provide the graduates with the necessary skills to enter the professional and academic fields after graduation .


-Program Goals

-Preparing qualified scientific cadres in archeology to support local, regional and international markets.

-Exploration of archaeological sites in Jordan and conducting surveys and archaeological excavations and preparing them for tourism marketing.

-Providing the Archaeological Museum at the University of Jordan and local museums with the necessary of  new cultural heritage.

-Scientific publishing in international, regional and local journals.

-To raise cultural awareness among university students and the local community for the importance of its cultural heritage.

-Organizing international conferences and holding seminars related to the cultural heritage of Jordan, such as the Nabataean civilization and others.

-Cooperating with the international centers located in Jordan, which will open wide horizons for our cadres and students to engage in joint field projects through which experiences will be exchanged.