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  • 20 - Feb
  • 2024

A training workshop titled 'Amadeus for Flight Ticket Reservations'

As part of efforts to enhance students' specialized skills, a five-day training workshop was held at School of Archaeology and Tourism for students majoring in Archaeology, Heritage Resource Management, and Conservation. Titled "Amadeus for Flight Ticket Reservations," the workshop was conducted by tourism management graduate Razan Al Rawashdeh.

The workshop aimed to equip participating students with the necessary knowledge to operate the Amadeus system and prepare them for direct engagement in tourism and aviation companies. Additionally, students were trained on issuing flight tickets, refunding, renewing, and reissuing them.

The significance of the training course also lies in introducing students to various types of trips, evaluating them, acquiring the ability to read, interpret, and apply pricing rules, along with ensuring compliance with minimum wage standards in pricing regulations.