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Bachelor of Tourism Management


The Department of Tourism Management was established at the School of Archaeology and Tourism
at the University of Jordan to keep abreast of developments in the tourism and hospitality sector in the
region in general and Jordan in particular; where the tourism and hospitality industry in Jordan has
developed in an unprecedented manner and tourism revenues and employment ratios have increased.
Tourism investment in Jordan has also rebounded, and the number of hotels, restaurants, cafes, travel
agencies, airlines and other hotels has increased in Jordan.
The development of the tourism and hospitality sector needs to prepare and qualify human resources
able to work and engage in various jobs and professions of the industry. In this sense, it is necessary to
establish and develop academic and training programs for the various professions involved in the
tourism and hospitality sectors. Hence the need to develop academic programs for teaching tourism in
the Department of Tourism Management at the School of Archaeology and Tourism, and keep abreast
of the rapid developments in the tourism industry in quantity and quality.
There has been an increase in interest in this sector as the number of tourists and the accompanying
boom in the number of tourist establishments (e.g. tourist hotels, tourist restaurants, tourist transport,
tourist and travel agencies, tour operators, airlines, etc.) and the growing threat to tourist sites, which
created an increasing need to develop educational and training programs aimed at creating qualified
human resources to work in the tourism sectors.
The ongoing development of existing programs in the department and the establishment of new
programs such as hotel management program is the nucleus of the department to develop the reality and
prospects of teaching and tourism training and hotel in the faculty, to graduate qualified human
resources who are able to engage in the tourism market at the international, regional or local level. There
is also a need to develop e-tourism applications in the sector with the emergence of the role and means
of social communication and Internet applications in the development of the reality of supply and
demand for tourism where the existing plans have been developed to cope with such developments and
focus on the importance of developing the reality of e-tourism in Jordan through the development of
curricula for such a vital subject.




Tourism Management


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Tourism Management


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