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Archaeological Survey and Excavations In Tell-Es-Sukhnah



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The first season of excavations at Tell es-Sukhnah in Zarqa district. The work at the site lasted from 21.6-17.8.2009. The director of excavation Dr. Nabil Ali outlined the aims and results of the first season of excavations. He mentioned that this season aims at training the students on the methods and techniques of excavation. Both BA and MA students were engaged in this training course. 

The preliminary results of excavations at different parts of the Tell have exposed domestic buildings dated to the Roman and Byzantine periods. These buildings were re-used during the Islamic periods based on studying the pottery sherds. Moreover, in the western part of the Tell, excavations have revealed architecture remains dated to the Bronze Ages. These are represented by a portion of a massive wall and an oval shape building which might be a tower.



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