a silent march to raise awareness of the importance of preserving Jordanian archeological and tourist sites

Under the patronage of the Vice President of the University of Jordan for Humanitarian Colleges Affairs, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al-Majdouba, School of Archeology and Tourism organized a silent march entitled "Preserving Jordan's Archeological and Tourist Sites".

The dean of the college, Dr. Nada Al-Rawabdeh, stated that the march aims to draw students' attention to the need for them to have responsibility in dealing with archaeological and touristic places, as well as confirm that the role of joint social responsibility between institutions and society to maintain the cleanliness of archaeological sites and protect and care for them.

She added that the march carries a number of awareness messages, the most important of which are: Focusing on negative behaviors and wrong practices that some may behave while hiking in the archaeological sites, which cause sabotage or distortion of the tourist site, as these practices are negatively reflected on the civilizational image of Jordan and the tourism sector.

Speaking about the importance of archaeological sites in Jordan, Rawabdeh said that it is considered a cornerstone on which the tourism sector in Jordan is built, which represents one of the most important pillars of the national economy and is a global landmark of civilizations that have passed through the history of Jordan.

the march started from the college campus to the clock tower, where a group of students and members of the teaching and administrative staff in the college participated.

School of Archaeology and Tourism

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