School's Strategy

Our Vision

For the Faculty of Archaeology and Tourism at the University of Jordan to be on the top of the list of colleges of Archaeology and Tourism in the region, to be known for our excellence in education, research, and technical quality, and to serve the local and regional community.

Our Golas

Our goals are:
• To provide specialists in Archaeology, conservation and management of cultural heritage, and tourism with the best tools, programs, and study plans.

• To contribute to the development of the national economy through scientific research in the fields of archaeology and tourism.

• To provide technical advisory services in the field of Archaeology, cultural heritage maintenance, and tourism development, on both the local and international level.

Our Mission

To produce specialists who are highly educated in the fields of Archaeology and Tourism who are able to think analytically, are qualified to apply the local market in the field of Archaeology and Tourism, to contribute to global research and advanced scientific studies in the Archaeology and Tourism sectors.

School of Archaeology and Tourism

Ambition without Limitations……..Excellence is our Mission and Goal