​Join the Student Activities, Media and Public Relations Committee - College of Archeology and Tourism


​Join the Student Activities, Media and Public Relations Committee - College of Archeology and Tourism


The College of Archeology and Tourism announces the opening of the door for joining the Student Activities, Media and Public Relations Committee.

tasks of the Committee

Based on the placement of the college council, it was decided to form a committee for student activities, media and public relations to provide many different student activities related to managing and coordinating activities within the college (extension, informational, social, cultural, scientific, and technical). The college believes in the importance of involving the student body in all student activities within the college and that is due to the importance of these activities as an important element to upgrade students ’talents and develop their skills in various fields.

First: cultural and scientific activity

The committee organizes many scientific and cultural activities, including:

1. Organizing and coordinating scientific and cultural lectures inside the college, and coordinating with the relevant stakeholders within the college (Assistant Dean for Quality and Development Affairs and Assistant Dean for Student Affairs) in which a number of specialists in the fields of college programs are invited from inside and outside the university.

2. Assist in managing and coordinating the scientific day in cooperation with the college.

3. Organizing training courses for students, especially graduates or expected graduates (writing CV, time management, teamwork, preparing for the job market, creative thinking, etc.)

4. Organizing workshops for students within the college regarding the three faculty specialties, in addition to organizing workshops for new students with the aim of helping them adapt and engage in university and academic life.

5. Helping to organize and coordinate scientific competitions for students in cooperation with the concerned members of the college’s administrative body, such as a “best research” competition at the level of college students. A specialized scientific jury from the faculty members arbitrates the submitted research based on specific criteria for academic and research quality.

Second: Media activities

1. Posting all announcements and news for the college and students on a regular basis on the Aytem page created on Facebook

2. Preparing and filming a documentary video about the college showing the origins, vision, mission and goals of the college, with a word for the dean of the college, heads of departments and assistants of the dean.

3. Posting any distinctive activity of the college on the electronic board, such as graduating college batches, information about the first batch that was graduated from the college ... etc.

4. Announcing all student’s scientific, cultural and sports activities on the electronic screen and wall panels of the college in addition to announcing them on the college’s website in coordination with the concerned parties in the college and then covering them in the media and editing them to be published on social media sites.

Third: extension activities

1. Forming advisory teams for academic guidance, especially for new students, and assisting them starting with the registration process, introducing them to the college and its academic programs, and placement exams.

2. Creating a page on the social networking site Facebook to publish all announcements and instructions issued by the Admission and Registration Unit and answer all students' inquiries.

Fourth: artistic activities

1. Announcing, in coordination with the concerned members of the college’s administrative body, to join the technical teams within the college that are concerned with developing talents such as visual arts such as drawing, calligraphy, sculpture, ceramics, photography, and traditional crafts. As well as developing the performing arts such as singing, music, poetry, and acting

2. Organizing and coordinating technical activities within the college, such as launching the "My Talent Program", in cooperation with the concerned members of the college’s administrative body, to form a preparatory committee to manage the competition file.

3. Organizing competitions concerned with the aforementioned talents in order to achieve an optimal investment of students ’energies and direct them towards work that benefits students, so that they contribute to discovering talents and motivating them and investing the students’ leisure time, which gives the character of participation and interaction among students.

Based on the foregoing, students wishing to join the committee are kindly requested to send the following data:

Full name

University ID


And that on the email of Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Dr. Ruba Saissaa ruba.seiseh@ju.edu.jo

Assistant Dean for Quality and Development Affairs, Dr. Mona Salihat mslaihat@yahoo.com


The chairperson of the committee will be elected upon completion of the formation of the committee, and the remaining students will be considered members