M.A in Archaeology / Program Overview

. Program overview


- About the program and its main themes

This program is one of the oldest graduate programs that grant master's degree in archaeology in Jordan, where the program was established along with the Department of archaeology at the University of Jordan during the sixties of the last century. This program is concerned with teaching the archaeology of the stone ages and ancient relics as well as classical and Islamic archeology as well as teaching modern science and museum sciences.


-Program Vision


Leadership and knowledge excellence in the field of archaeological studies and research, community service and deepening of the concepts of students with modern archaeology and its relationship to knowledge and human sciences and related natural related.


-Program message

Providing a modern educational program that works to provide the best methods of teaching in archaeology. It also works to provide the best methods of practical training in order to graduate students with high qualifications that meet the requirements of specialization and provide the local market with qualified cadres in archaeology.


-Program Targets

- Preparing distinguished students with high scientific competence in archaeology to supply the local, regional and international markets.

-Scientific publishing in international, regional and local journals.

-Contributing to preserving the archaeology of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and contributing to its promotion locally and internationally

-Preparation and training of students on scientific research in the field of archaeology and heritage through conducting research desk and field work in archaeological sites and museums.

-Cooperating with the international centers located in Jordan, which will open wide horizons for our cadres and students to engage in joint field projects through which experiences will be exchanged.