​Provides 4 training opportunities in the Daman Travel and Tourism Office


Guarantee Travel announces the availability of 4 training opportunities for students of the Tourism Management Department (practical training in tourism management), and the start date of the training will be announced after interviews with students and the announcement of the selected students (interviews will be scheduled later).

Conditions for applying for these training opportunities

- The student must be registered for the practical training course in tourism management in the first semester 2022/2021)

mastering English language

The best 4 students will be selected for these training opportunities, based on an evaluation committee that will be formed from the college and the Insurance Office for Travel and Tourism, and within pre-defined criteria.

Students wishing to obtain training opportunities should contact me at the following e-mail: mslaihat@yahoo.com by sending the following information within a week only:

full name

 and university number

 and email

Telephone number