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Recreational and Social Facilities:


At School of Archaeology and Tourism, we strive to provide a comprehensive and stimulating educational environment for our students. The School's atrium and the square of the Archaeology and Folk Heritage Museums are considered ideal places to broaden students' horizons and enhance their university experience. 


The museum team made significant efforts to rehabilitate and renovate the museums. The external andscape of the museum was redesigned by removing asphalt and reshaping the natural scenery based on a plan prepared and donated by Engineer Feroz Nahar. Additionally, a stone bridge was added to connect the Dolmens artifacts with the external museum square. All this work was carried out with meticulous care, including the careful lifting and strategic distribution of archaeological pieces in the museum's external square, adding beauty and significance to the area. Students can use these facilities to organize social and cultural events, workshops, and even to enjoy moments of relaxation and creative thinking.​

Additionally, we are pleased to offer wireless internet service throughout the School building, facilitating students' access to academic and research resources while they are on campus.