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Research And Development


Faculty members publish research papers in the fields of archaeology, heritage, and tourism management, and they also have many valuable contributions to scientific conferences and research that contribute to enriching knowledge and developing skills and capabilities.

The School regularly organizes many  specialized conference such as in the field of Nabatean archaeology, known as the "International Conference on Petra and Nabatean Civilization." For more details about these​ conferences, click Here

The School regularly reviews the academic program curricula to update them in line with local and international quality standards and market requirements. Additionally, the college seeks international accreditation for several offered specializations.

To review the scientific output of faculty members in the departments:

1. Archaeology Department, click Here
2. Heritage Resources Management and Conservation Department, click Here​
3. Tourism Management Department, click here​

4. To review the scientific output of postgraduate students ("Master's Theses"), click Here