In the context of the cultural exchange of students between the University of Jordan and German universities and institutions, the students of the Faculty of Archeology and Tourism concluded their  visit to Germany / Berlin in the period between 4-11 / 2/2016, where they learned about a number of archaeological museums in the city,like the Bergamon, which contains the facade of the Mashta Palace, which is an integral part of the building of the palace of the Mushatta in Jordan. During the visit, students presented a research about the Islamic monuments.​

In coordination with the Office of Quality and Development at the College, a group of students launched an initiative (Hat Ktabk) which aims to exchange books and materials between students, in order to ease the financial burdens on students and provide effort to obtain these references. The initiative was widely welcomed by faculty members and students.​


Under the patronage of the President of the University of Jordan, Dr. Azmi Mohafazah and the Governor of Jarash, Dr. Raed Al-Adwan, launched last Friday in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the first tourist marathon of jarash, which aims to introduce in the archaeological civilization and promote tourism.

The marathon was attended by a large number of students from the Faculty of Archeology and Tourism at the University. The marathon was attended by a large number of students from universities and the local community. Students from the University of Jordan, Yarmouk University and the Hashemite University participated.

The Marathon organized and coordinated by the Dean and students of the Faculty of Archeology and Tourism​

The Faculty of Archeology and Tourism received an academic delegation from the University of PAZMANY PETER CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY in the framework of the cooperation program with the European universities. The Erasmus project included welcoming the members of the delegation to explore opportunities for academic cooperation in the fields of archeology, heritage and tourism.

The participants discussed the schedule of lectures and visits that were arranged for the guest delegation over a week. On the first day, Dr. Ismail Abu Amoud, deputy dean and guests visited with the Hungarian students and with the three students of our schoole on their official visit to Petra and Wadi Rum. The visit included an integrated tour to all the archaeological sites inside Petra And enjoy the atmosphere of a clear integration between students & the  guests.

About 41 students from the Faculty of Archeology and Tourism at the University of Jordan participated yesterday in a clean-up campaign carried out by the Department of Tourism Management in Dana Reserve.

 The campaign included the area of ​​hiking to preserve the cleanliness and beauty of the region to attract tourists, pointing out that these activities promote the principle of social responsibility, and contribute to increase the spirit of volunteerism.
the campaign, which is held periodically, comes within the activities of the school to preserve the tourist areas and to spread environmental and tourism awareness in tourist areas and hiking places as a national treasure.​

The University of Jordan affirms its leadership in tourism and hotel education through its holding of the National Conference on Tourism and Hotel Education in cooperation with the USAID-funded tourism project in Jordan, Amman under the title of Strategic Alliances between Higher Education and Tourism Industry: Building Linkages Among the industry, universities, institutes and colleges in the tourism and hospitality sector, organized by the University of Jordan represented by the Faculty of Archeology and Tourism in Amman and the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels in the Aqaba Branch, US has the International Development (USAID)​


A delegation from the University of Jordan participated in the training program in the maintenance and restoration of antiquities, which was held in the Italian city of Turin. The delegation consisted of the director of the Hamdi Manco Center for Scientific Research, Dr. Abeer Al-Boab and Dr. Ramadan Abdullah, 3 of the Masters of Chemistry and 3 of the Bachelor's students in the Department of Cultural Resources Management and Conservation, in the period from 12/11/2012 to 17/11/2012. As part of the activities of the project we looked at application of some chemical methods in the conservation, trained to preserve the cultural heritage by modern scientific techniques to diagnose and study the damage of archaeological materials. He also briefed the delegation on the latest preventive maintenance techniques in museums using scientific equipment developed at the University of Technical Sciences in Turin, Italy.​


A salvage excavation was discovered at the site of Ain al-Baida (northeast of Amman). In July 2011, a mortuary facility was used to raise pigeons. The importance of the information derived from this fossil is that it shed more light on the history of the Ammonites and their economic activities in their capital, Rabat Ammon.

This discovery raises important questions about similar installations that were dated, by default, to later eras of the Iron Age. But raising pigeons on a large scale is a long-standing human endeavor, whether to use them as a food source, a means of communication, or to be used in divination.​
Hosting a seminar

The Faculty of Archeology and Tourism hosted, in cooperation with the French Institute for Near East (Organizing Authority) and the British Institute of Archeology, and the German Institute of Archeology in addition to the German University of Jordan on Sunday, 26/7/2020 hours (2) A seminar via Zoom in Heritage and Archeology "Diwan 4" "
A number of postgraduate students / College of Archeology and Tourism participated in the seminar.


​The first student in the Archeology and Tourism major, Hanadi Nafez Mustafa, obtained a grade point average of 3.72/4

Congratulations, God willing, and from there to the top
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In pursuit of the college to encourage distinguished students in the field of scientific research in the Department of Tourism Management. We announce to you the names of the students who won the best final reports for the second semester 2021-2022 for the practical training courses in tourism management and practical training in hotels.

Practical training in tourism management

  Shahad Nasser Saeed Omar

Raghad Khaled Muhammad Samreen

Rita Ghassan Fawzi Nassar

Amal Raed Wajih Aliwat
Practical training in hotels

Rahaf Muhammad Abdel Jawad let us

Haneen Abu Halawa

Jana Sobhi Hosni Awad
All students who won the best reports for the past semesters and the current semester will be honored at the beginning of the summer semester in a ceremony that is held specifically for that

Congratulations to the winning students​