Cultural Resources Management and Conservation Cultural Resources Management and Conservation 2
The study began in the Department of Cultural Resources Management and Conservation, with the establishment of the Institute of Archaeology in the year 2009/2010. Our Department aims to provide Jordan with specialists in the field of conservation, restoration and management since our archaeological sites and museum objects are exposed to the processes of damage and threat due to natural and human factors. Section aims to rehabilitate students in the work of restoration, maintenance and management of archaeological sites and artifacts. The Department grants the bachelor's degree in cultural resources management and conservation, and depends on many disciplines in the university. Students study different topics, such as administration, chemistry, materials science, conservation of monuments in the field, maintenance of archaeological materials of organic and inorganic sources, architectural restoration and the environment, as well as documentation, analysis, planning and management of cultural resources. Section focuses on the use of modern information systems and applied basic tools to assist in providing and teaching this discipline to all students admitted to the department.
Tourism ManagementTourism Management3

The ongoing development in Jordan, the big contribution of tourism to the country’s GDP and the need for highly qualified human resources in tourism and hospitality fields led to establishing the Department of Guidance and Tourism Development at The University of Jordan.

The numbers of inbound tourists to Jordan and the numbers of tourism and travel companies are increasing. Therefore, it is very important to provide tourism – service - sector with highly educated, trained and qualified human resources by improving existing teaching and training methods.

The lack of good hospitality and tourism training programs and the need of the Jordanian labor market for qualified human resources led to the establishment of the Department of Guidance and Tourism Development at the beginning of the academic year 2009/2010.

The vision of the department is to be excellent in providing students with several skills that they will need in their careers in the future. Therefore, the department is seeking to develop its teaching methods by having more computer and simulation laboratories in addition to adapting new educational techniques.

Department of Archaeology The Department of Archaeology is the core department of the faculty of Archaeology and tourism . it was established in 1962 as the first Department specialize in Archaeology in Jordan . the Department grants bachelor and master degrees The Department has been supplying Department of Antiquities and museums of qualified and trained staff , since about 80% of those who hold masters and doctorate in the DoA, ministry of tourism and public and private universities of Jordan were Originally Graduates of this section. It Grants bachelor and master degree in Archaeology that stretches from prehistoric times until the end of Ottoman ear. There are two museums of Antntignities and Heritage which follows the faculty, attached to these museums are a laboratories of photography, drawing, surveying and renovation and stores for archaeological finds which obtained through Archaeological excavations carried out by staff of the faculty, In many Archaeological sites. The Department of Archaeology conducted many archaeological surveys and excavations included all areas of Jordan, which enriched the museum of Jordan in general and the museum of the university of Jordan in particular.