Becoming the leading department for tourism studies in Jordan and transferring the department into a pioneer centre for excellence in “tourism and hostel industry” in the country.

2.VisionTourism ManagementTourism Management3

To provide high quality education in tourism and hospitality fields for the students, and to strengthen the role of faculty towards the local community through:
- Offering the appropriate curriculum for the various subjects taught in the department.
- Giving the students some important principles of problem-solving, leadership, teamwork skills, and commitment.
- Orienting the education to meet the labor market needs.
- Alignment between the theoretical and practical streams.

1.MissionTourism ManagementTourism Management3

The Department of Guidance and Tourism Development at University of Jordan aims to achieve the followings:
1. Developing managerial skills of students and people from the local community who want to work in tourism industry.
2. Connecting theoretical courses to practical courses (hotel, airlines and travel agencies reservation systems).
3. Creating a simulation environment to the real situation in the industry.
4. Providing educational and learning resources as well as references for students, researchers and the local community.

4.GoalsTourism ManagementTourism Management3
Be the Department of cultural Heritage Management and Conservation leadership among all departments similar in local and international universities, including outputs ensures able to entering the global competitiveness and community service.
1.Mission Cultural Resources Management and Conservation Cultural Resources Management and Conservation 2
Providing educational and research services and excellent training courses in the field of cultural heritage management and maintenance using the latest technologies and international codes, achieving eligible owns outputs knowledge, skills and behaviors required to compete in the labor market at the local, regional and international levels.
2.Vision Cultural Resources Management and Conservation Cultural Resources Management and Conservation 2
• Preparation of national staffs of high theoretical and practical training in the field of cultural heritage management and conservation, who can access and success and competition in the local labor market, regional and international levels. • Contribute to the achievement of the objectives of public awareness of the value of cultural heritage and preserve it, from community contribution. • Own resources development and investment of resources and human and material resources available. • Build research programs that combine theory and practice in the field of cultural heritage management and conservation.
4.Goals Cultural Resources Management and Conservation Cultural Resources Management and Conservation 2
Our mission at the department of Archaeology is to create , enhance , opportunities of theoretical and practical research and cooperation between all related national and international research bodies in Jordan . this kind of networking and cooperation designed to be a platform for all students , academicians and thos interested in archaeological field in order to exchange experiences , workshops , and conferences. Furthermore ,increasing the university global reach and reputation and attract students and sholars from all over the world.
Our Vision: Providing a distinguish learning and training that cover all historical ages since the pre-historic age till the Islamic period , and deepen our student's knowledge in the science of Archaeology and related topic, through providing them with necessary in- field and lab training .
Our GOALS: -Preparation of scientific competencies qualifying in Archaeological Sciences to supplement the local , regional and global market. -Detection of archaeological sites in Jordan and conduct surveys and archaeological excavation and rehabilitation of tourism marketing. -Provide the Museum of Archaeology, University of Jordan, and local museums with the necessary new cultural materials. - Scientific publishing in the global, regional and local refereed journals. -Broadcast cultural awareness among university students and the local community of the importance of cultural heritage. -Organizing global conferences and seminars related to the cultural heritage of Jordan, such as the Conference of Nabataean civilization and others. -Cooperation with the international centers in Jordan, which will open broad prospects for our staff and our students to engage in joint field projects through which gets the exchange of experiences.